Students’ research themes

Division of Southeast Asian Area Studies

Research Themes

  • Carpet weaving and Women’s Work in Contemporary Uzbekistan
  • Food Offerings and Publicness in Contemporary Urban India: The Case of Prasādam Offered by International Society for Krishna Consciousness
  • Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Process of Tsunami Disaster Destroyed Areas in Aceh, Indonesia
  • School Education and Local Society in Rural Pakistan
  • Visual Representational Objects of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Turkey
  • Female Renouncers in Contemporary India
  • Rice and Shrimp based Cropping System in the Saline Area of Bangladesh: A Case Study of Shuktia Village in Satkhira
  • Civil Disputes in Islamic Finance: Double Transaction and International Arbitration among Gulf Countries
  • Development and Social Transformation of Saudi Arabia -A Discussion from a Perspective Energy Economics-
  • Policies and its Implementations towaed Migrant Workers in Thailand
  • Trans Formation of Land Use Systems in the Mountainous Region of Mainland Southeast Asia
  • Agricultural Land Rental Market and Land Consolidation in Red River Delta Rural of Vietnam
  • Decentralization of forest management and the transformation of household livelihood straategies in Ifugao, Philippines
  • Democratization in Thailand
  • Foreign Investment of Chinese Multinational Enterprise in Indonesia -An Illustration from Electrical Industry
  • Developing a Local Management Plan for Tropical Resources
  • Problems among Karen Refugees on the Thai-Myanmar
  • Continuity and Change of Inter-Generational Relationship in Northeastern Thailand
  • Estimation of Biomass of Teak・Bearing Forests under Anthropogenic Disturbances in the Bago Mountains, Myanmar
  • Anthropological Research on the Cultural Reproduction and Social Relations among Mon People in Thailand
  • Nation-Building an d the Era of “development” in Thailand
  • Exploitation Policy and Change of Iban Religion in Sarawak, Malaysia
  • Ethnic Indentity of Minority in Southeast Asian -A Case of Hmong
  • Land-use changes and mangrove vegetation recovery in cyclone-affected areas in the Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar
  • Sustainability of food production and plant use in rural villages of Indonesia
  • The Role of NGOs in Rural Development of Myanma
  • The possibility of “Social business” and “BOP business” in Bangladesh
  • Research on the Anti-Disaster Consciousness of Inhabitants in Indonesia
  • Large mammal conservation and livelihood of local communities in Preah Vihear, Cambodia
  • Social Relationships and Farmer’s Organizations in the Red River Delta, Vietnam
  • The Use of Aquqtic Resourses in Laos
  • 19th Century Christian Missionary Attitudes Towards the Siamese

Division of African Area Studies

Research Themes

  • A Study of Body Modification of Pygmy Hunter-Gatherers
  • Pastoral Livelohoods and Conflid Dynamism among the Hamer in Southern Ethiopia
  • A Linguistic and Ethnographic Study of Nsenga Proverbs
  • Research on the Tropical African Glacier and Climate Change
  • Child Play among the San: Social Change and Identity Transition
  • Forest Use of the Residents and the Human Impact to the Mangrove in Senegal
  • Area Study of Post-Conflict Reconciliation and Reconstruction of Social Order among the Acholi in Northern Uganda
  • Human Mobility Through Taxis-brousses ans Urban-rural Relationship
  • Sociology of Education in East Africa
  • Human-Wildlife Relationships in Okavango Delta, Botswana
  • Socio-economic Study of Production and Distribution of Banana in East Africa
  • Pastralists’ Adaptation Strategies to Natural and Social Environment and Livestock Individuality in East Africa
  • Landscape and Susistence Economy of LUVALE People in Northwestern Zambia
  • Study on Structure and Space Recognition of Settlement in Coastal of Tanzania
  • Study on the natural environments and human activities in arid of Nambia
  • Environmental changes and survival strategy of Hausa cultivators in Sahel region of south-central Niger
  • Study about urbanization in Malawi
  • Study of Dumping and Refuse in Uganda, East Africa – from the Viewpoint of Anthropology and Area Studies
  • Logistics contribution touards food security in West Africa
  • Reseach of education that fits for the lifestyle and environment of the locals in Africa
  • Land and resource property of rural area in Zambia
  • Citizenship education in Malawi

Division of Global Area Studies

Research Themes

  • Hepal and Politics of Marginalized Madhes
  • The Mind-Body Problem in Islam
  • Transnationality and Refugee Problems in the Islamic World
  • Identity Politics in India
  • Islamic Law and Society in the Arabian Peninsula
  • Central Asia-Japan Relations: Achievements and Prospects
  • Historical Transformation of Youth Association in Mizoram, India
  • Formation and Development of the Coperate Groups in the Gulf Countries
  • Society and Education in India
  • Studies of the Slash-and-burn People in Laos
  • Dalits Religious Conversion to Christianity in Contemporary India
  • Islamic-political thought in contemporary Arab world
  • The Culture of child rearing in India
  • Medieval History of Hindustani music
  • Farmland problems in Red River Delta in Vietnam
  • Multi-Dimensional Health and Illness -Study on “Self-Medication”-
  • Development and Development Assistance -The Case of Contemporary Nepal-
  • Music among fishers in the indian Ocean